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Light won the industrial quality brand-building year advanced unit title

Hit:1521  Date:2013/5/29 14:57:22
Recently, the State Ministry of Industry issued a "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 2012" industrial quality brand-building "activities of the briefing." For 2012 to carry out "industrial quality brand-building year" activities, "to promote drugs and infant milk powder production quality and safety," "speed up industrial brand development", "one thousand enterprises benchmarking study, improve quality and promote transformation" and other special activities for the notification; summed up the "industrial quality brand-building" activities achieved a major success; recognition of industrial quality brand building year advanced units, fully affirmed the China light Industry Federation and other 28 units in the planning and organization of construction activities to make the outstanding contributions to advanced units called learning experience relevant units together to promote the quality of brand building and make greater contributions.
Bulletin also published the "industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprises" list, a total of 36 enterprises were established as demonstration enterprises, including 10 for the light industry enterprises.