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Umbrella domestic sewing equipment to promote the development of the system

Hit:1449  Date:2013/5/29 15:07:39
With the vigorous development of China Umbrella system, China's equipment manufacturing enterprises umbrella has grown, domestic umbrella umbrella companies in our machine is widely applied to enhance the Chinese umbrella made ​​substantial contributions.
Many of umbrella companies are export-oriented, large output of its outstanding features, the average daily production of 20 machines can reach 18,000 or even 20,000 or more. Faced with such a large volume requirements, umbrella companies naturally underestimated the demand for equipment. At present, most Chinese enterprises have adopted the umbrella of domestic sewing machines, equipment limitations as strong umbrella, therefore, designed to do little umbrella device manufacturers, and more concentrated in Shenzhen, Fujian and other places. Among them, Hengli Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. in the field of umbrella device has achieved outstanding results. October 22, at the Third China Umbrella Festival and China (Jinjiang) First Umbrella Fair, Henley company became one of the highlights of the show. The introduction of the computer to open a large cloth cutting machine, high speed single car computer, computer umbrella top machine, strapping machine, bead tail machine and a series of umbrella device to attract the attention of many customers, which exhibit high-speed computer access to national single car patents.